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mobille86T Integrated RTK GNSS Surveying System

S86T Integrated RTK GNSS Surveying System
Field Genius
·Built-in Transmitting Radio Module
·Built-in GPRS/GSM Module
·Open Port for External Radio Acce 

Highlights: 82T Integrated RTK GNSS Surveying System, MS82V Intergrated RTK GNSS Surveying System Read More...














Unmanned Aerial Systems for Cadastral Applications
18/01/2017 | Administrator
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Testing a Fit-for-purpose Land Administration Approach in Indonesia  
      In recent decades, imagery-based methods have gained legitimacy in the domain o [ ... ]

Low-cost versus High-end Systems for Automated 3D Data Acquisition
18/01/2017 | Administrator
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Modelling an Early Mediaeval Ring Fort in Germany  
                Topographic mapping is a standard surveying task  [ ... ]

Using 3D Printer Technology to Represent Survey Information
18/01/2017 | Administrator
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The Art of Bathymetry   Great advancements have been made in three dimensional printing over the last few years and have made an impressionable impact ac [ ... ]

Drone, Photogrammetry Map Hurricane Matthew Damage Florida after Hurricane Matthew Kwasi Perry, founder of UAV Survey Inc., recently completed a photogrammetric project in Florida after Hurricane Matthew, which resulted in 3D models of housing and transpo
12/01/2017 | Administrator
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Geospatial analyst Kwasi Perry is founder and lead consultant at UAV Survey Inc., based in Houston. Perry puts a strong emphasis on educating clients. It has made all of the difference in supporting t [ ... ]

Geolocation and the surveyor: Looking back to the future
11/01/2017 | Administrator
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The surveyor has been known throughout history for many things: part expert measurer, part historian, part lawyer and part geographer. These attributes have led the surveyor to become a trusted member [ ... ]

Galileo declares: Open for business!
11/01/2017 | Administrator
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At a Dec. 15 ceremony in Brussels titled “Galileo Goes Live,” two high officials of the European Commission issued the Galileo Initial Services Declaration. The declaration means that the Galil [ ... ]

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