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mobille86T Integrated RTK GNSS Surveying System

S86T Integrated RTK GNSS Surveying System
Field Genius
·Built-in Transmitting Radio Module
·Built-in GPRS/GSM Module
·Open Port for External Radio Acce 

Highlights: 82T Integrated RTK GNSS Surveying System, MS82V Intergrated RTK GNSS Surveying System Read More...














NovAtel’s RTK Assist provides 20 minutes of accuracy
22/11/2016 | Administrator
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NovAtel introduced its RTK Assist service at the Intergeo show, held this week in Hamburg, Germany.

RTK Asssit is a subscription-based service that provides users with satellit [ ... ]

Data collection of WGS 84 information — or is it?
22/11/2016 | Administrator
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Location, location, location. It’s not just the tagline for real estate and sales; it’s about all of us, all of the time.

Thanks to technology, everything revolves around location these days. It is [ ... ]

Pix4D Launches Crane Camera Solution for Construction Industry
22/11/2016 | Administrator
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Today, as more and more industries adopt unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) mapping and modelling for its quick and accurate results, certain industry applications benef [ ... ]

Technology in Focus: Bathymetric Lidar
22/11/2016 | Administrator
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With sea level rise and increases in the severity of extreme natural events, there has been a renewed push to further our understanding of the coastal zone. Fundame [ ... ]

Capturing Geospatial Data from Vehicle Platforms
22/11/2016 | Administrator
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Jacobs Geomatics provides support and consultancy to the company’s wider design and engineering services. In recent years Jacobs’ UK geomatics team has been involved  [ ... ]

Light Mobile Collection Tools for Land Administration
21/11/2016 | Administrator
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There is an urgent need for the administration of property and land use rights worldwide as the basis for social and economic growth. Notwithstanding the enormous investments [ ... ]

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