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mobille86T Integrated RTK GNSS Surveying System

S86T Integrated RTK GNSS Surveying System
Field Genius
·Built-in Transmitting Radio Module
·Built-in GPRS/GSM Module
·Open Port for External Radio Acce 

Highlights: 82T Integrated RTK GNSS Surveying System, MS82V Intergrated RTK GNSS Surveying System Read More...














Increasing Information in Building Models
26/04/2017 | Administrator
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New Technology Can Significantly Improve BIM
Since the advent of building information modelling (BIM) software in the early 2000s, 3D modelling has sig [ ... ]

New Elevation for North America’s Highest Peak
26/04/2017 | Administrator
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Climbing to the Peak of Precision
Surveyors, mappers, geodesists and other scientists, as well as climbers and mountaineers from around the world, ha [ ... ]

Navigating the Future of the Geospatial and Geomatics Sectors
26/04/2017 | Administrator
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GIM International Interviews Dorota Grejner-Brzezinska
Dr Dorota Grejner-Brzezinska is the incoming president of the Institute of Navigation (ION). She also serves as presiden [ ... ]

Multi-sensor Cave Detection in Bulgaria
26/04/2017 | Administrator
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Meeting the Challenges of Complex Karst Environments  
            Caves are important in a wide variety of fields, ranging from construction [ ... ]

Core Wall Control Survey in Kuwait -
26/04/2017 | Administrator
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Using BeiDou for Tall Building Construction in Kuwait
Tall towers can bend and sway due to wind, cranes and other loads. Ideally, such movements should be around the main ax [ ... ]

The Development of a Virtual Museum in Germany
24/04/2017 | Administrator
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An Interactive 4D Reconstruction of a Historic Building in Virtual Reality A ‘virtual museum’ (VM) has the potential to greatly improve the experience of a [ ... ]

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