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During the Multiple constellation age, SOUTH 
keep developing and optimizing the innovative 
products for customers, SOUTH S660P 
Network RTK Receiver adopts intelligent 
cloud platform as its new engine, to lead the 
development or smart network RTK system.


●Outstanding Waterproof Capability
●Extremely Rugged Housing
●Advanced OLED Screen
●Inbuilt Radio Transmitter
●Inbuilt Double Batteries
●Inbuilt GPRS/GSM Module

SDE-28S Single Frequency Digital Echo Sounder

     SDE-28S Single Frequency Digital Echo Sounder
Product Introduction:
 ·Embedded WindowsXP operating system, user-friendly interface
·Integrated with both computer and echo sounder at industrial level, yet low power consumption
·Full aluminum housing, compact and handy, particularly designed for less-than-ideal circumstances

Downloads: SDE-28S_Brochure.pdf


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Our company provides solutions in geomatics (mapping, geography and spatial information) with technology and innovation, equipment and consulting services, with quality standards nationally and internationally.
To become in the number 1 company in solutions in the area of geomatics with technology and innovation, equipment and consulting services, competent and committed human resources, nationally and internationally
Quality Policy
We are committed to providing solutions in geomatics, equipment and consulting services, meeting the needs of our customers, continually improving our processes, ensuring the availability of resources, development and human talent competence increasing profitability with social sense.
Quality Objectives
  • To offer complete solutions in Geomatics, equipment and consulting services.
  • Meeting the needs of our customers.
  • Continually improve our processes with social sense and high standards of quality
  • Ensure the availability of resources.