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Total Station N8/N80

● 600m/1000m reflectorless distance
● 3.5 true color highlighted screen
● Smart T-P Sensor
● Ultra measure speed, Fine 0.3S, track 0.1s

Total Station N7/N9 Series

● 1” accuracy for N9, 2” accuracy for N70/N7
● 1000m/600m reflectorless EDM
● Windows CE 6.0 OS, Bluetooth standard, WIFI 
optional, compatible with various onboard software
● Ultra measure speed, Fine 0.3S, track 0.1s
● Data transfer options: SD card, mini USB 

Total Station N6

● 2”/5” accuracy option,
   ±(2mm+2x10-6·D) with reflector
● Improved EDM System
● Better Angle Measurement
● Reasonable Industrial Design
● Exquisite Users Experience
● Enhanced Applications

Total Station N4

●1”/2” Accuracy
●1000m/600m reflectorless EDM
●Camera Optional for N40/N41
●Bluetooth 4.0
●Data transfer and storage
●T-P sensor, automatic correction
●Concentrated ball bearing
●EDM Trigger Key
●Control panel with high resolution touch screen

Total Station N3

● 2” Accuracy, ±(2mm+2x10-6▪D)
● 600M Reflectorless EDM
● Absolute Encoding Disk
● Dual-Axis Compensator
● Versatile Application Programs


The SUBPRO 1210 Sub-Bottom

Deep Penetration at High Resolution

• Suitable for a Wide Range of Survey Tasks
Shallow Water Surveying starting at 1.5 m
• Typical Seabed Penetration up to 10 m (in Sand)
• Highest Detection Probability of Objects and Layers
• Real-Time Zoom and Re-Processing
• Highest Productivity for Result Generation
• Complete Stand-Alone System and Easy System Integration


     TK10 SET
Product Introduction:

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     TK11 SET
Product Introduction:

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