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LOG_aDSLP is totally new and different to all other currently available hydroacoustic systems.

LOG_aDSLP is based on a revolutionary new concept. It uses different frequencies out of a broad frequency range to stimulate the interaction between sound wave and material. LOG_aDSLP detects this interaction with a very high resolution. LOG_aDSLP uses thereby interactions which are dependent on signal frequency as well those which are independent from signal frequency.

LOG_aLevel® - Autonomous Remote Sensing of Waterlevels and -Waves

LOG_aLevel is a complete, remote sensing, stand-alone water level gauge on the basis of ultrasonic sensors. The power is supplied via 12 V DC or 110/230 V AC (optional windgenerator or solar panel).

The system works automatically and is independent of any external connections. High performance ultrasonic sensors guarantee robust, reliable, fast and precise measurements of all kinds of water levels and its dynamics (up to steep waves).

The SUBPRO 1210 Sub-Bottom

Deep Penetration at High Resolution

• Suitable for a Wide Range of Survey Tasks
Shallow Water Surveying starting at 1.5 m
• Typical Seabed Penetration up to 10 m (in Sand)
• Highest Detection Probability of Objects and Layers
• Real-Time Zoom and Re-Processing
• Highest Productivity for Result Generation
• Complete Stand-Alone System and Easy System Integration


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