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PD-56 Hand-held Distance Meter

     PD-56 Hand-held Distance Meter
Measuring Range: 0.05m-60m
Measuring Accuracy: ±1.5mm Typical*  

PD-58 Ha PD-58 Hand-held Distance Meternd-held Distance Meter

     PD-58 Hand-held Distance Meter
Measuring Range: 0.05 m-80 m
Measuring Accuracy: ±1.5mm Typical*  

Cross-Line Laser ACL series

     Cross-Line Laser ACL series
Auto Compensating Function 
Tilt Indicating Function 
Assistant of decorations

ML-340 Series Cross-line Laser

     ML-340 Series Cross-line Laser
Product Introduction:
 Project four vertical lines, one horizontal line and one plumb-down beam
Laser cross to the ceiling and wall
Self-leveling, Visual alarm when out of level

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About Us

Our company provides solutions in geomatics (mapping, geography and spatial information) with technology and innovation, equipment and consulting services, with quality standards nationally and internationally.
To become in the number 1 company in solutions in the area of geomatics with technology and innovation, equipment and consulting services, competent and committed human resources, nationally and internationally
Quality Policy
We are committed to providing solutions in geomatics, equipment and consulting services, meeting the needs of our customers, continually improving our processes, ensuring the availability of resources, development and human talent competence increasing profitability with social sense.
Quality Objectives
  • To offer complete solutions in Geomatics, equipment and consulting services.
  • Meeting the needs of our customers.
  • Continually improve our processes with social sense and high standards of quality
  • Ensure the availability of resources.